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Ultra light flying

Ultralight flying in Nepal is one of the most exquisite ways to witness enchanting nature, its lush, peaks, snows, etc. Basically, ultralight is a pretty flimsy aircraft of its kind. A lightweight small airplane with an engine provides a safe and adventurous way to fly. The interesting part is that there remain no fences, like the doors or windows. At a time, only a couple of people can enjoy a ride, including the pilot. The flight ascends to a maximum 5000 feet height and speed of about 50-100 km per hour.

Pokhara: The ultimate station of the Ultralight ride in Nepal

To be specific, Pokhara is the prime destination for all sorts of ultralight rides in Nepal to enjoy the dazzling sights of the peaks, countryside, and lakes. Nothing other than an ultralight ride can distinguish the beauties of a heap and flat terrain, mostly in Nepal. Especially, the value of money is delivered a number of times while viewing the mesmerizing beauties of the Himalayas and Phewa Lake. In fact, the whole Pokhara valley is a joy to watch through ultralight aircraft rides.

Ride from Pokhara Lakeside

If you fly through the Pokhara lakeside, the rides are often made in two rips; one in the morning till 11 am, and the next one in between 2-3 pm till evening. Basically, they cover the zones like Sarangkot, Phewa Lake, Seti River, etc. which fall within the range. The ultralight takes off from the airport in Pokhara.
Different packages of ultralight flights from 15 minutes to 90 minutes are available here at different costs.
You can enjoy the commercial ultralight flight here in Pokhara, Nepal in all of South Asia.

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